Videos of the presentations

Presentation of the IVth meeting of the EMSG by Chris Scarre

Megaliths in the center of the Iberic peninsula by Primitiva Bueno Ramirez

Megalithic architectures of the dolmenic groups of the oriental andévalo (Huelva, spain). Typology, constructive systems and technical traditions by Jose Antonio Linares Catela,

Menga: Biography of an outstanding megalithic monument by Leonardo Garcia Sanjuan, José Antonio Lozano Rodríguez,

Megalithic hollows: rock-cut tombs between the Tagus and the Guadiana by Leonor Rocha, Clara Oliveira, Pedro Alvim,

Structural functions and architectural projects within the elongated monuments of Western France by Luc Laporte,

Traces d'exploitation du schiste de quelques cairns néolithiques du Massif armoricain by Eric Gaumé,

Posters session

Megalithic building archaeology in the north-western part of France by Florian Cousseau,

La file de pierres dressées de Groah Dehn à Hoëdic (Morbihan) : un exemple d’architecture évolutive au 5e-4e millénaire av. J.-C by Jean-Marc Large, Emmanuel Mens,

Accident or design? Chambers, cairns and funerary practices in the Neolithic chambered tombs of western Europe by Chris Scarre,

A northern point of view: synthesis and debate by Torben Dehn, Gabriel Cooney

Economic Impact of the Megalithic Constructions: the Oceanic Case by Nicolas Cauwe,

Beyond the individual monument: New Results from the Priority Program "Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation" by Martin Hinz,

A monumental task: building the Neolithic megaliths of Britain and Ireland by Vicki Cummings, Colin Richards

Making megalithic monuments: the role of small things by Gabriel Cooney

25 years among Neolithic builders by Torben Dehn,

The clustering of megalithic monuments around the causewayed enclosures at Sarup on Funen, Denmark by Niels H. Andersen,

In the Eye of the Beholder by Jørgen Westphal,

Dolmens without mounds in Danemark by Palle Eriksen

Lønt: Two types of megaliths and one oddball by Anne Birgitte Gebauer

A southern point of view: synthesis and debate by Primitiva Bueno Ramirez, Luc Laporte,